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Welcome to Flocoaching

Discover your Passion for Sales and Marketing
and grow your Heart-Centered Business

We have a big passion for Coaching. Our unique approach covers Your Business Life and your Personal Life as both is connected and interdependent. Our Expertise is Assessing your situation, Diagnosing points for improvement and providing Solutions for Your Personal and Business Growth.

Our team has 20+ years of experience in designing systems and solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs from various industries. We discovered that business solutions alone won’t guarantee success. Since 10 years we added and implemented personal development. Our experience shows that pure personal development won’t guarantee freedom and success either.

The solution is a Blend of Personal Development and the Implementation of the right systems for their Businesses. The sweet spot is a synchronized combination of both, personal and business development.

With this discovery in mind we provide Customized Programs for your

Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing

Sales Process

Positive Attitude, Energy and Motivation

Inner Work


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