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Are you living in Bali forever?

Probably every expat heard this question. People asked me that a lot when they visited me in Bali. In the beginning this sounded quite stupid for me. I have never made any decision which is ‘forever’. So far only things which were forever are your family and the love to your local football team.

My decision to move to Bali was quite simple, something like living a life were everyday surfing is integrated in your life before work, you will find ways to make money. Just go and see how it goes.

But after a couple years, I can say Bali and Indonesia is my home and I can imagine living here forever if nothing unexpected happens or I don’t find anything better. ‘Forever’ is a conscious choice you make. I am here now nearly 15 years. It taught me resilience and persistence for the long-term goal.

Same goes for business. You should see your business as something which will be there forever, something what will matter to you and the world, not only for money. Once you can visualize your ‘forever’ business, your resilience and persistence grows.

For sure life happens and you have to be flexible and adaptable, but don’t lose the big forever goal out of your mind. There are waves in life but you keep course.

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