Mission and Vision

We are a Coaching Company for Entrepreneurship driven to help Sustainable Changemakers to realize impactful sustainable projects.  We support Sustainable Changemakers online and offline. Every decision we take as conscious as possible.

Our Mission: With the technological advancement in combination with a need for domination human species puts itself in danger of extinction. Our mission is to empower Sustainable Changemakers who take responsibility for a sustainability of human species in coexistence and connection with planet earth. We empower, support and consult Sustainable Changemakers from project ideation to launching until worldwide adaption and transformation. We unlock Sustainable Entrepreneurs on physical, mental and spiritual levels, coach them entrepreneurial skills and provide the network and ressources needed.

Our Vision: is an environment which creates Sustainable Conscious Changemakers who will identify and take action against any unsustainable aspects human species is facing. We unlock the best potential of each individual.

Our Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Sustainability, Peace, Equality, Community, Trust, Error Embracing, Support


Florian Nitsch

Founder and CEO 

  • Founder of Flo Coaching
  • From Germany
  • Living in Indonesia
  • Hobbies are Sustainable Communities, Latin Dance, Surfing
  • 10 Years Member of Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

-Graduated in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration

-10 Years working experience as Business Consultant in Indonesia and international

-Expertise in Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Personal Development, Sustainability

-Consulted and coached in sectors of Energy, Health, Small NGOs, F&B, Travel, Tourism, Sports, Hospitality, Export-Import, Entertainment, Trading, Wholesale and Retail