What is it?

The Thrive Program is designed purely for your personal development. It is a 12 weeks program. During the Thrive program we define your purpose, build up your mental toughness and positive attitude, challenge your fears and increase confidence, motivation and happiness.

What are the goals?

  • Understand your life situation and your personality
  • Embody your purpose
  • Build up mental toughness and a positive attitude
  • Overcome your fears, blocks and challenge your inner voice
  • Increase confidence, motivation, energy and happiness

For who is it?

Our Business Foundation  Program is ideal for:

  • People who want to work on their personal development
  • People who are stuck in their life
  • People who want to increase confidence, motivation, energy and happiness

What do you get?

  • A 12 Weeks Coaching Program
  • 12 Sessions¬†(60 to 90 min) with one of our facilitator
  • Accountability Partner

What it is not?

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Card reading
  • Psychotherapy

What is the investment?

  • The investment for the 1on1 cashflow program is 3000 USD (Monthly payment available at 1100 USD/month)
  • The investment for the group cashflow program is 850 USD (Monthly payment available at 300 USD/month)