You are currently viewing 12 reasons why accountability partners are essential for growth

12 reasons why accountability partners are essential for growth

12 reasons why accountability partners are essential for growth

The biggest thing I learned in the last year is the need of accountability partners for the areas you want to grow in. Especially for a Sanguine like me it is essential. We get easily excited of new ideas in life and tend to prioritize them over the boring tasks that have to be accomplished. The biggest problem is lack of consistency. Consistency and perseverance is essential for Entrepreneurs. Besides own inner mindset work an accountability partner is the solution to overcome this issue, keep yourself and your company on track and push you to the limits.

My accountability partner at my current business stage is Benjamin Castillo, founder of New World Together: He and his company are focusing on raising awareness and bringing new and unique perspectives about our biggest world problems. We have both launched our companies and are both coaching people, so we are a good fit to be each other’s accountability partner. We meet weekly and we basically work like this:

  1. We set short-term, midterm and long term goals
  2. We make sure those goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based)
  3. We keep track of it in a shared excel file
  4. We set due dates for each goal
  5. We prioritize each goal with following factors: how fast it’s done, how much fun it is, how big the impact is (we weight the impact times 2)
  6. We control regularly that those goals are reached
  7. We motivate each other
  8. We give each other feedback
  9. We brainstorm and explore new ideas
  10. We readjust our goals
  11. We evaluate our week
  12. Extra point: We often have very interesting philosophical discussions about solutions of world problems and the future of our world. Benjamin is an expert when it comes to collective traumas and the unconscious conscious.

Personally I can only say it is a key-point for me to have a likeminded accountability partner, especially when you are working on your own. As a coach, you are automatically an accountability partner for your coachees. It is good to also experience the other side.

I also added more accountability partners to other areas of my life. I enjoy working together with them on a regular basis and grow in each area.

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