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The Power of Mindmapping your Project or Business regularly

I constantly improve my business and my coaching. Recently I added a lot to it as any business can have different problems. I got quite some headache as so many things are important depending on which business you look at , which business stage my clients are at, which market they serve, which audience they approach, a business owners personality, a business owners vision, the roadmap of the business, skills, passions, …

My head nearly exploded, besides what added to my headache is that I actually wanted to niche down.

 I didn’t niche down on my fields of expertise, I niched down at my ideal client side. I solved this part of my headache. I will explain this in another article as niching is quite an important topic.

But still, I was looking at all the content I want to present and unlock at my clients to become successful.

What to do? People who followed me for a while, know the answer: Mindmap it!

I haven’t used Mindmap tools for while as other stuff got prioritized. So I got back into it very quickly. I use miMind for those who want to Mindmap their their ideas, plans or businesses.

As a result I got 5 main categories, 47 subcategories and my headache is gone.

The main categories are pretty much aligned with my programs, some have slightly different names. The categories are:

  • Ideation
  • Project Foundation
  • Cashflow
  • Scaling
  • Best Version of Yourself

All are more or less interdependent and can be adjusted if necessary.

If you are lost with your business, your mind is all over and you have lost focus consider Flocoaching as your partner. Just contact us and we get you (back) on track.

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